NOVEMBER SALE: 33in x 81in standard retractable banner stands starting at $68.25


NEW products and NEWS:

New additions to Badgerland Badge and signs:

Engraving has proudly been the staple of our business since we started back in 1990.

We want to be able to help you with more of the signage needs you may have.  Proudly serving Bellevue, Green Bay, Howard and surrounding areas as well as serving our clients Nation wide.

 We are proud to announce that we can also help you with:

Advertising Flags, Banners, Pull Up Banner Stands, Step and Repeat Backdrops, Signicade "A" Frames,

Trade Show Products, Custom Event Tents, Table Throws, YARD SIGNS.

And a whole lot MORE....

Please call or stop in, to discuss what else we can do for you.

With the current rise of custom hand painted items that we have been seeing on buildings, signs, bikes and hot rods, we want to do what we can to help our kustom kulture community.

We carry a "modest" stock of MACK Brushes and Lil' Daddy Roth pinstripe paints, spray bombs and flake.  We can also order you what you need directly from MACK Brush and Roth Metal Flake. 

Call Today: 920.496.9944

Feel free to swing by our shop located at

1546 Western Ave. Green Bay WI.

(Cleverly hidden behind the Aldi's on Military)

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The Dirty Martinis recently shot a video for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert contest.  The video was shot here at Badgerland Badge.  Click below to see the Dirty Martinis video for "Wrong By You" 

Thank You all for keeping our dreams alive.

The New Faces of Badgerland Badge


Amber and Nate are very excited to have the opportunity to work with you.  They are looking forward to the what the future holds for Badgerland Badge and Sign Co. inc.  

   Sherry & Randy have truly created something wonderful in Badgerland Badge & Sign Co.  Established in 1990 they have created a wonderful company backed with an amazing team who go above and beyond each and every day to make sure that our customers get a great product with a quick turn around time at a great price.   They have done an amazing job building relationships with wonderful customers all across this country, as well as a great deal of customers in our own great city.

  Nate began his career in the Sign Industry in a vinyl department back in 2004, after he was released from the Army and finished his Marketing and Graphic Design degree and press technician degree.  He has been granted many wonderful opportunities and is truly grateful for everyone who has helped him become who he is today.  He has worked on every aspect of the Sign Industry leading up to 2016, when he was responsible for managing a shop.  From initial meetings to install and beyond, he has been learning and growing every step of the way. There is no doubt that he is a  “SIGN GUY” through and through, and can see himself doing nothing else for the remainder of his business career.

   When Amber and Nate were made aware of this wonderful opportunity to be a part of Badgerland Badge & Sign,  they knew that this was the best decision to make for their futures.

   Amber who is the President of Badgerland Badge will be focusing on all of the accounting, HR and the seemingly endless paperwork elements.  All the while maintaining her career in the insurance industry.

  Nate will be the Vice President of Badgerland Badge and will be doing what he does best.  Building new relationships, taking care of customers, designing, building and installing great products for great people.  

   We are very happy to say that Sherry will be staying on here on a part time basis while she enjoys semi-retirement.  She has a wealth of knowledge and is an amazing person.  

   We have no intention of turning Badgerland Badge into one of those large sign companies, making Channel Letters, Pylons, Monuments and Billboards.  Although, we would be more than happy to send you in the right direction if that is what you need.  We want to stay small and really focus on our history and maintain the highest standards in quality and customer service.

   We believe that there is much to be said for staying small and focused. There is a niche for our products and services.  We are happy to be right where we are.

We are proud to stay small and are very grateful to be able to serve companies nation wide as well as the companies here in our hometown with whatever needs that they may have. From name badges to braille, from Banners to Trade Show and advertising items, we want to be the shop for you.

   We will continue to offer wholesale pricing to all of our business partners, Sage and ASI members.  We will also continue to offer the best possible price with the best possible materials to all of our walk in customers.

Thank you for choosing Badgerland Badge & Sign Co.

-Amber and Nate

President and Vice President

Badgerland Badge & Sign Co.

1546 Western Ave.

Green Bay, WI 54303


Amber & Nathaniel Smith  (2019)
Amber & Nathaniel Smith (2019)